Wolfknights Global Beta Begins

Posted August 18, 2015  

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Wolfknights Global Beta Begins

You can now try out the beta version of IMC Games’ latest MMORPG Wolfknights.

Granado Espada and Tree of Savior developer IMC Games has kicked off the global beta test for Wolfknights, its new medieval fantasy MMORPG.

Wolfknights is opened to everyone to join, but it’s not ready for the commercial service. Some contents are still ongoing process, some are not ready yet, some are not included in this test even if they’re done. (ex: the Map for 90 users) Especially the percentage of completion is very low for the single-player contents like the Missions so please just consider it as test process.

Nevertheless the reason that we opened the server is to get the feedback from users about the PVP balance. We guess the users who expected the level of official service might find disappointed parts. We will keep fixing and developing new contents, so need the help of the testers who are interested in the step of the very beginning of the online game.

At the moment, WOLFNIGHTS can be played in a temporary English version which is implemented with some terms from the game in English. We will distribute the official English Client of WOLFKNIGHTS within 2 weeks.

To change the Language Setting to English, press O to open Game Options and change the Language Setting from System Tab.

You can download the game client here and find out more about the beta test by reading the game’s FAQ.

  • Abdullah Draim Alqahtani

    ty so much for the info ?

  • Ryan H

    I tried getting the client but even though I made a account it said I have to log in. Is this due to me being in north america because this game looks right up my ally and I wanna dive in.

  • MomoDontKnow

    The link for the download is broken or something, tried in 3 different browsers and get and broken link error.

  • Protos Xeno

    it says client not available ?_?

    • lilyboosh

      The beta is over “WOLFKNIGHTS Beta Test has ended. Preprations for the next test phase is in progress.”

  • Yasashii

    I wanted to try this out, but it seems as though the beta was only for a single day. I’ll be looking forward to the next one, and getting a legit en client.