Webzen Summer Giveaway

Posted on February 9, 2016  

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Webzen Summer Giveaway
[ CLOSED ] To celebrate the summer season, ZomaGames and WEBZEN have teamed up to give away 3000 gift keys for six Webzen titles, including ASTA, ELOA, RappelZ, MU Online, FlyFF, and C9.

Update: The giveaway has ended.

Select one WEBZEN.com game, and each code will give you a free item package for the selected game. A code is limited to only one WEBZEN game, specifically, ASTA, ELOA, RAPPELZ, MU ONLINE, FLYFF, and C9. Each code is limited to one use per account. A full list of coupon items is below.

ASTA Item Pack
? Pocket of 20 Soul Stones
A currency used in our Item Shop
? Arita’s Blessing (1 hour)
+50% EXP when killing monsters
? Urma’s Blessing (1 hour)
+30% gold when killing monsters
? Strange Fate Stone bundle
Increases Normal Stat Enhancement
? Noble Soul
Increases Divine Spirit summoning
? Elixir of Dowa
Allows you to reset Stat Points
? River of Three Crossings Water
Allows you to reset Talent Points
? Soryura’s Boxed Golden Bell (7 days)
Allows you to summon a merchant

ELOA Item Pack
? Psyche Wing (7 days)
Evasion -400, Decrease cooldown of all skills -4%, Decrease incapacitated duration -4.5%
? Premium service (14 days)
You can get more EXP, gold, honor points
? Elite+4 Weapon Reinforcement Scroll (50%)
50% chance to enhance weapon by +4 tiers instantly
? Elite+4 Armor Reinforcement Scroll (50%)
50% chance to enhance armor by +4 tiers instantly
? Eva’s breath
This item immediately resurrects your character
? Eva’s tear
Recovers total HP and MP by 100%

ReppelZ Item Pack
? Hidden Village Pass (7 days)
? Traveller’s Tent
? Red Lydian
? Ancient Horseshoe
? Stamina Saver x5
? Animal Cracker x5
? Impact Amplifier (1 hour) x2

C9 Item Pack
? Leona’s Potion
Increase HP/MP Regen when used
? Resurrection Scroll [x10]
Enable you resurrect in dungeons
? Extreme Potion Package
Package of useful potions
? Extreme Training 100% (1 hour)
Increase EXP by 100% for 1 hour
? Wing: Akene’s Messenger (1 day)
Apply a buff and enable teleportation in town

Flyff Item Pack
? Upcut Stone (Event)
Magic stone that adds 20% Attack
? Refresher Hold (Event)
A curious blue potion that grants the imbiber unlimited Magic Points (MP) for a limited time. Note that this item is no trade.
? Vital Drink X (Event)
A very strong energy drink that completely refills the imbiber’s Focus Points (FP) while granting unlimited FP for a limited time. Note that this item is no trade.
? Grilled Eel
Provides +50% HP for 1 hour.
? European Union Flag Cloak
Wear your country’s colors with pride!
? Penguin Buff Pet Box (7 days)
This little Penguin will work diligently to follow you around to pick up items and provide buffs.
? Mantle of the Raven (7 days)
Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary. Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore. Maximum Speed: 269 km/h.

MU Online Item Pack
? WEBZEN Hot Summer Pack
Helpful Items, including the Scroll package and a pet, when killing monsters.

How to redeem your gift key:
1. Go to www.webzen.com/events/games-of-webzen/redeem
2. Log in with your account
3. Select the game, country, server, character you want to receive the item(s) on.
** The options in each category will vary for each game.
4. Enter the Code (without hyphens)
5. Click ¡®Redeem Code¡¯
6. The item(s) will be delivered to the account or character that you have selected.

* Usable until: July 31st 2016
* Coupon codes can only be used on an existing WEBZEN account.

Visit http://www.webzen.com/events/games-of-webzen for more information.