Tree of Savior Releasing on June 19

Posted March 16, 2016  

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Tree of Savior Release Date Announced

Founder’s packs now available.

*Update (3/19/16): IMCGames has modified its release schedule following user feedback. The new release date is April 28, 2016. There are still three tiers of founder’s packs available, but all three tiers now grant only one month of early access, which starts on March 29, 2016. You can check out the details of the new founder’s packs below:

Tree of Savior Release Date Announced

The game is now available on Steam.

Original article: IMCGames has confirmed the release date for its 2.5D fantasy MMORPG Tree of Savior. The game will be released via Steam as a free-to-play title on June 19, but players can play the game as soon as next week by purchasing a founder’s pack.

There are three tiers of founder’s packs available, granting you 1-3 months of early access, priced at $19.99, $29.99 and $49.99 respectively. See the chart below for details:

Tree of Savior Release Date Announced

You can find out more by reading the full announcement.

  • Nanashi

    So, the game is ready but they want to make money before releasing it, and even though people want to play this game they’re going to force them to pay for 3MONTHS of ahead time. THIS IS BULLSHIT.

    • Avyur

      With every game comes the costs of running it. Yes, a WHOLE month of early access is over the top. But they require the funds to keep the servers up, pay staff, etc… Perhaps you don’t realize that it’s quite difficult to start up a F2P game, and keeping it open. The game without the Founder’s Pack is now going to be open in Apr. 28, so it’s not 3 months anymore

      • Nanashi

        I made the comment when it was the 3 months thing, also I do realise it’s hard for a company to maintain a F2P game running, but the option they took wasn’t the most correct one and thank god I wasn’t the only one to think that since that’s why it got changed, also this may sound cold but, they know what they got into, they decided to port this game to us knowing fully well the risks, of course it’s understandable but if you’re releasing a F2P game you can’t force people to buy your stuff, the best way to keep it going is to make them want to buy it without feeling they were either forced or that their money wasn’t worth it. Also, if the game is good and can keep some people invested, they’ll purchase things from the store, and if they don’t there’s something wrong with how you’re doing it.

        • Preciel

          at least we’re finally getting it unlike albion which is going to release in 10 years after milking off a decade of alphas

  • Moster Fresby

    This game will be dead in no time. Steam numbers are hilariously low.