Tree of Savior Now Greenlit on Steam

Posted May 13, 2015  

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Tree of Savior Now Greenlit on Steam

IMC Games’ latest MMORPG is set to launch on Steam.

The developers behind Granado Espada have been developing a new MMORPG called Tree of Savior and yesterday the game was posted on Steam Greenlight. And less than 10 hours after the game appeared on Greenlight, it’s been greenlit, meaning an English version of the game is confirmed for release on Steam.

Here’s the official word from IMC Games:

“Many people are asking us who submitted Tree of Savior into Steam Greenlight so we want to clarify here that we, imcGAMES made the submission.

We want to apologize to our fans that we werenĄ¯t able to post the announcement about it before the submission. (Please understand that it was our first time submitting our game into Steam Greenlight ^^)

Tree of Savior is now Greenlit within less than 10 hours after we made the submission.

We want to thank you for your love and support for Tree of Savior.

For the information to be updated from now, we will officially announce it on our dev blog and Facebook so stay tuned for more detailed information in the future.”

Tree of Savior is published by Nexon in South Korea and currently in its second phase of closed beta in the country. A release date has not been announced.

You can visit Tree of Savior’s English dev blog to stay up to date with the game’s development and localization process.