Shadowbound Starter Kit Giveaway

Posted on November 14, 2014  


Shadowbound Giveaway
[ CLOSED ] GameDP’s latest browser-based MMORPG Shadowbound launches its first server today and to celebrate, ZomaGames and GameDP have teamed up to give away 500 gift codes for the game.

Update: The giveaway has ended.

How to redeem your code:
1. Log in to the game by going to the official Shadowbound website.
2. Find the New Server event icon in the game and click on it.
3. Enter your gift code and hit the ˇ°Activateˇ± button.
4. Check your in-game system mail for the gift pack.
5. Open the gift pack to claim your items.

The starter kit contains:
? 100K Gold
? 300 Vouchers
? Lvl.2 Gem Pack x3
? Aptitude Ore x10
? Lvl.2 Sacred Ore x30