Radiant Entertainment Reveals Mecha Fighting Game Rising Thunder

Posted July 21, 2015  

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Radiant Entertainment Reveals Rising Thunder

A fighting game designed for PC.

Radiant Entertainment, a studio founded by EVO co-founders Tom and Tony Cannon, is working on a new online fighting game called Rising Thunder.

Revealed at an EVO 2015 livestream, Rising Thunder is a mecha fighting game designed for PC that seeks to streamline the fighting game genre by removing barriers to entry such as complex inputs and difficult to memorize command lists. According to PCGamer’s interview with game designer Seth Killian, Rising Thunder will be free-to-play, supported by the sale of cosmetic items.

The game is set to enter alpha testing on July 28, interested players can sign up right now over at http://www.risingthunder.com

  • Yasashii

    Marvel vs Capcom except every character is MegaMan. Do want.

    • RuffRrida

      Open to all as of today.
      Sign up, and play