Paladins Announced

Posted August 4, 2015  

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Paladins Announced

Hi-Rez Studios working on an FPS MOBA for consoles and PC.

Hi-Rez Studios has announced Paladins, a free-to-play online shooter coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One next year.

Paladins is a team-based online first-person shooter with MOBA elements. In addition to the core shooter experience, Paladins also offers deep strategy and in-match character progression through decks of collectible cards, which amplify and augment a character¡¯s core set of abilities.

In the game, teams are pitted against one another. Each combatant enters the battle with a primary weapon, a set of combat and movement abilities, and a personal mount to carry them quickly from one fight to the next. Players begin each match with a customizable deck of skill cards which can be activated and evolved upon leveling up in-match for enhanced strength, defense or utility throughout the session.

¡°Paladins has been a passion project of ours from the beginning,¡± said Paladins senior producer Mick Larkins. ¡°We¡¯ve dedicated a separate team from SMITE to work on it, and while we are still early in development, we know we¡¯re crafting something very special. Paladins is extremely quick, with a great deal of depth in how it blends action, tactics, and teamwork, and we¡¯re excited for gamers to start discovering all it has to offer.¡±

Paladins is expected to launch in 2016. To sign up for the upcoming beta and find out more, visit

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    Overwatch + all the gimmicky mobile game mechanics people hate = this.

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