Otherland Closed Beta Starts Today

Posted November 13, 2014  

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Otherland Closed Beta Starts Today

Drago Entertainment begins first beta test for its sci-fi MMORPG.

Drago Entertainment announced that its action-based sci-fi MMORPG Otherland is set to enter closed beta later today.

Otherland was originally owned by DTP Entertainment AG, until the company closed due to financial problems. Last month, Grimlands developer Drago Entertainment took over the IP and resumed the game’s development.

“This is the first closed beta since we took over Otherland,” the developer wrote in the closed beta announcement. “We know that you will encounter server crashes, downtimes and bugs. We will not lie about that. That’s not our way and that’s not what we want. This beta is focused on server crashes. Sounds a bit odd, we know. But let us explain why.”

“An MMO is a huge project with a lot of servers working together to keep the game running. If all of them work correctly we know that we can move forward with the game. This means, we have to be sure that you will crash the servers. Only with enough data from crashes we can optimize the game and fix the issues you help find.”

“We will do what we can to restart the servers and keep them ‘alive’ but this could and most probably will take one hour or so per crash. Please be patient during that time. As I said, we do what we can. We tested them out as much as we can but internally we just doní»t have the numbers. Thatí»s why we need your help. I hope that we have enough content to keep you busy for a few days. Ok, ’nuff said. Go and show us how fast you can crash our servers. Have fun!”

You can sign up for the closed beta and download the game over at http://www.drago-entertainment.com/otherland