Lords Online: New Combat Mode Preview

Posted March 2, 2010  

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Lords online

Lords Online, IGG¡¯s newest browser-based game, entered closed beta testing in January. Since it began, the concurrent number of players has been steadily increasing, and game officials have set up 6 servers to cope with the ever-increasing population, with a 7th on the way. Tens of thousands of players have created castles, many alliances have shown their strength on the continent, and this is only the testing phase! The devs aren’t taking it easy, though, as they work hard on an expansion with even more content. One of the highlights of their work is the Kingstown War feature, a combat mode only open to alliances.

In Lords Online, an alliance is made up of lords of the same race. Each race has its own Kingstown. An alliance may conquer as many Kingstowns as it can handle. Lords who don¡¯t belong to an alliance cannot attack a Kingstown.

A Kingstown is a castle of the highest level positioned on the world map. Each Kingstown starts in an open state. It governs the region around it and can tax all the castles surrounding it. Once a Kingstown has been occupied by an alliance, it begins to reap the benefits of the castle¡¯s influence.

Benefits of Holding a Kingstown
Upon conquering a Kingstown, the victorious alliance begins to receive all the tax income generated by the captured Kingstown. Each race’s Kingstowns also hold a different piece of Legendary equipment, which the conquering alliance¡¯s leader can assign to one member of the alliance. The leader can also retract Legendary equipment assigned to any member.

Reinforcing a Kingstown
Alliance members can send troops and resources to a Kingstown they occupy. However, those troops and resources then become permanently attached to the Kingstown and cannot be recalled. A Kingstown cannot reinforce other castles and will not contribute any resources to any player.

Using a Kingstown
A Kingstown can only be used to attack another Kingstown. The alliance leader can send the troops of a Kingstown on an expedition to assault another Kingstown, but during the war, players will not have any control over the troops.

As if all this wasn’t enough to get alliances chomping at the bit to grab their own Kingstowns, the developers are planning even more new Kingstown content in the future. With rich resources and legendary weapons hanging in the balance, conquering a Kingstown promises economic and military benefits for an alliance, but the castle is guarded by a formidable force. Will your alliance be strong enough to claim the rewards? Visit http://lo.igg.com for the latest information about Lords Online!

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