Legend of Edda Newbie Pack Giveaway

Posted on December 11, 2014  

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Legend of Edda Giveaway
[ CLOSED ] Legend of Edda: Global Edition is getting a huge update next week and to celebrate, ZomaGames and JC Planet have teamed up to give away free items for new players of the fantasy MMORPG.

To redeem your free items, just use the following code:


How to use the code:
1) Log into the JC Planet portal.
2) Head over to the giveaway event page.
3) Enter redemption code ( Welcometoeddamfr / 16 digits).
4) Click the “REDEEM” button.
5) You can find the items in your [Cash Item] list after you log into the game.

For more information on the giveaway, visit the event announcement page.

Additionally, JC Planet is also giving away Christmas-themed gift packs for SEAL Online and Cronous. If you’re interested, just copy the codes below and use them in the giveaway event page:


* The code is only valid for players who signed up for Legend of Edda: Global Edition on or after December 3, 2014.
* The event runs until December 31, 2014.

What you’ll get from this giveaway:
? EXP Potion +50% (1h)
? Gold Drop x3 (1h)
? Item Drop Potion +50% (1h)
? God Potion +20% (30m)
? Movement Speed Potion +20% (1h)
? Mega Horn
? Divine Calling (Available 30 days)