Labyrinth of Druids

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Labyrinth of Druids
GameTags: middream studios, indie, open world, medieval, horror, fantasy, crpg

Info: Labyrinth of Druids is a horror-themed dark fantasy MMORPG developed by MidDream Studios. The game combines old-school World-of-Warcraft-like game mechanics and fantasy world with dark Lovecraftian horror, hardcore difficulty and a crazy narrative.

Unlike most other MMORPGs, this game will have an end (at least concerning the story), but only a few will reach it. To progress players will need to use their minds, unravel mysteries and face their fears on their own. The mindset needed to finish the game is somewhat similar to the one required for games like Dark Souls or Bloodborne.

The player first appears in a cave with no recollections how he got there or who he is. But soon he finds out he is a being I call ¡®Druid¡¯, a being with extra-ordinary abilities such animal shape-shifting and elemental magic. The darkness of LoD’s world will make players question their senses and their sanity. Traversing dungeons, they will find themselves walking in circles, unable to find an exit, even though they remember the path. They will need certain rare items in order to defeat some NPCs and also no spells will be given to them for free; they need to become worthy of them by doing quests and earning the favour of gods. Dark rituals are also a truly essential part of the game experience, you will need to sacrifice a certain animal which will be hard to find and capture. LoD is deeply rooted in ancient Egyptian and celtic mythology.

Most of the game is open to perpetual fights with other players to make the world not only dark but also raw and dangerously real. There are two factions to choose from and except for regular conflicts within the common world, you can also fight in arenas where you always have to gamble by betting your precious possessions and facing random primal element selection which can have an impact on the power of your or your opponent¡¯s spells. In the common world you can have a team and fight other players and some bosses. However, certain demons you must face alone. Aside from the visible demons, there is also an invisible enemy – a disease that spreads among players. Once infected, you have a limited amount of time to find a cure before you lose control of your character. At that point you need to wait for some other player to kill you, otherwise you remain trapped, unable to move. The other players are then in for a dilemma: do they kill you so you can respawn in exchange for honor points, or do they avoid the rather likely scenario that killing you might get them infected as well.

Key Features:
? Combination of fantasy and horror genre (H.P. Lovecraft references)
? Unpredictable, dark unique story and haunting music
? Marked difficulty, only a few individuals will finish the game!
? LoD’s world will make players question their senses and their sanity.
? Deeply rooted in ancient Egyptian and celtic mythology
? Challenging multiplayer – one world for everyone, arena gambling
? Mighty magic, elements and dark rituals for gods
? Unique animal form for every character
? Demons everywhere + invisible enemy in form of infection spreading among players
? Only one author of the game -> music and story fit the game smoothly

Model: F2P
Status: Closed Beta [ TBA ]
Subgenre: CRPG

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Version: International
Developer: MidDream Studios
Publisher: MidDream Studios
Release Date(s): Closed Beta – n/a | Open Beta – n/a | Launch – n/a
Language(s): English
Platform(s): PC
System Requirements: n/a

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