Item Key Giveaway for Six Webzen Games

Posted on April 8, 2015  

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Webzen Portal Giveaway
[ CLOSED ] To celebrate’s 6th anniversary, ZomaGames and WEBZEN have teamed up to give away free gift keys that can be used to unlock an item pack for one of six WEBZEN games, including Archlord 2, C9, MU Online, Sevencore, Rappelz and Flyff.

Update: The giveaway has ended.

Use the gift key to unlock a free item pack for your game of choice. You can choose from Archlord 2, C9, Flyff, MU Online, Rappelz and Sevencore. A key is limited to one use per account. Read the following for details on each item pack:

Archlord 2 Item Pack
? [Bound] 25% HP Regeneration Potion
? [Bound] 25% MP Regeneration Potion
? Wings of Justice
? [Bound] Blessing Scroll
? [Bound] Drop Rate Increase (20%)
? [Bound] Gold Acquisition Boost (20%)
? [Bound] Character XP Boost (20%)
? [Bound] Weapon Mastery Boost (20%)

Rappelz Item Pack
? Travel Pass to Hidden Village
? Traveller’s Tent
? Red Lydian
? Ancient Horseshoe
? Stamina Saver
? Animal Cracker
? Impact Amplifier<1Hour>
? Mirror Amplifier<1Hour>

MU Online Item Pack
? Gold Channel 14days
? Skeleton Ring 14days
? Skeleton Pet 14days
? Seal of Healing 14days
? Master Scroll of Protection 14days
? Master Scroll of Strengthener 14days
? Master Scroll of Quickness 14days
? Master Scroll of Health 14days
? Master Scroll of Mana 14days
? Master Scroll of Wrath 14days
? Scroll of Health 14days
? Scroll of Mana 14days
? Scroll of Wrath 14days
? Scroll of Wizardry 14days
? Scroll of Protection 14days
? Scroll of quickness 14days

C9 Item Pack
? PC cafe Premium service
? Extreme training (100%)
? Skill reset scroll
? town travel LV.1
? School look gear set
? resurrection scroll X5
? Soul: prelude of storm set

Sevencore Item Pack
? Experience Elixir
? Quest Experience Elixir
? Health Potion(A)
? Mana Potion(A)
? Impure Soulite E
? Star Turtle Invitation
? Mana Cell(A)

Flyff Item Pack
? Re-Skill (Event)
? Re-stat (Event)
? Gray Tuxedo (M) Box (7 days)
? Pink Dress (F) Box (7 days)
? Kitty (7 Days Event)
? Pink Balloon 6h
? Blue Balloon 6h
? Yellow Balloon 6h
? (Event)Syila Bike Box (7 days)
? Upcut Stone (Event)
? Refresher Hold (Event)
? Vital Drink X (Event)
? Grilled Eel (Event)

How to redeem your gift key:
1. Go to
2. Log in with your account
3. Select the game, country, server, character you want to receive the item(s) on.
** The selections in each category are different for each game.
4. Enter the Code (without hyphens)
5. Click ¡®Redeem Code¡¯
6. The items will be delivered to the account or character you selected.

* Usable until: April 30th (end of contest)
* Coupon codes can only be used with a WEBZEN account.
* Coupon codes are limited to one use per account.