Dream of Mirror Online Steam Key Giveaway

Posted on August 7, 2015  

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DOMO Giveaway
[ CLOSED ] Dream of Mirror Online is coming to Steam on August 14, and to celebrate, ZomaGames and Suba Games have teamed up to give away 1000 exclusive vanity pets for the fantasy MMORPG.

Update: The giveaway has ended.

How to redeem your code:
Log in to your Steam account, select “Library”, click “Add a Game”, then select “Activate a product on Steam” and follow the onscreen instructions until you are prompted to enter the Steam key.

* Dream of Mirror Online will be available on Steam on August 14, 2015.
* The vanity pet is a black sheep with a Steam logo imprinted in their wool on their side.


For more information on the game, visit https://subagames.com/DOMO

  • HerobrineI

    It says that I already participated, wtf?

  • dima

    are there any keys left?

    • Nope, sorry.

      • dima

        is there any way i can get one? maybe contacting the dev?

        • Well, I emailed them. If I get more keys I’ll send one to your Disqus email and add the rest to the Godankey widget.

          • dima

            thanks man :]

          • Hi Be

            Hello, can I get one to my email too? Thanks again, much appreciated.

    • Yonke Saitama

      go to mmohuts.com they have still 4k+ keys left.

    • Terraris

      There are still keys left on GBK (http://www.getbetakeys.com/domo-steam-pet-giveaway/ ).

  • Mohamed Samir

    it says there are nomore keys left, that fast or is it an error? anyway i would like a key please

    • I’m all out of keys unfortunately. Yes they did run out pretty quick this time.

  • John Kevin

    hope i get one , thank you