Dirty Bomb Open Beta Begins June 2

Posted May 28, 2015  

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Dirty Bomb Open Beta Begins June 2

Splash Damage’s latest multiplayer shooter will be open to the public soon.

Splash Damage and Nexon have announced the open beta date for their fast-paced multiplayer FPS Dirty Bomb. The game will head into open beta on Tuesday, June 2.

“Ití»s taken a long time to get here,” the developer wrote in the announcement. “Over the last few years, we at Splash Damage and Nexon have been working hard to make Dirty Bomb a shooter that rewards skill and coordination above all else. With five maps designed for the classic Objective style gameplay, a dozen unique mercs and more, Dirty Bomb is an FPS like none other. ”

“And Open Beta is just the start of things. We have more features, more maps, new ways to play and, of course, plenty of new Mercs coming as Dirty Bombí»s Open Beta rolls on.”

Dirty Bomb is currently in closed beta testing. You can find out more about the game on its official website.