Dawngate Community Beta Begins

Posted April 9, 2014  

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Dawngate Community Beta Begins

EA and Waystone Games’ MOBA now open to all.

EA and Waystone Games have announced the start of Dawngate’s community beta, opening up the fast-paced MOBA for everyone to play.

“I¡¯m proud to announce that Dawngate¡¯s Beta is entering a new phase: Community Beta.

We¡¯ve been heads down with players for almost a year iterating on the game, tuning, and getting the kinks worked out of our internal pipelines as we¡¯ve slowly grown the game. We¡¯ve made great progress and it¡¯s time to start connecting to more players.

So what does Community Beta mean exactly? Two big things. First, we¡¯re removing the requirement for keys. Second, we¡¯re going to start to slowly dial up the presence of the game in the gaming community. You might be saying to yourself: ¡°Self, if they get rid of keys, isn¡¯t this now an Open Beta?¡± Not for us. For us Open Beta means that the game is polished and fairly feature complete. We are still cranking on both fronts, so it¡¯s not time to say Dawngate is ¡°open¡± in the traditional sense of ¡°Open Beta.¡± However, it is time to start getting more people in so that we can develop with you guys at a larger scale. Hence, Community Beta!”

To start playing, just head over to the Dawngate website, sign in with your Origin account, and download the game.