Black Desert Online Business Model Announced

Posted October 15, 2015  


Black Desert Business Model Announced

Open world action MMO will be buy-to-play in the west.

Daum Games has announced the business model for its open world action MMORPG Black Desert Online. The game will be buy-to-play with optional in-game purchases in the form of cosmetic and convenience items.

¡°We are putting a lot of effort in the game¡¯s Western localization,¡± said Daniel Loehr (AKA Belsazar), Project Manager at Daum Games, ¡°We are localizing approximately 2.5 million words into English, German and French. Black Desert Online¡¯s content and gameplay sytems will be adjusted to accommodate Western players and our differentiating business model.¡±

Black Desert Online will launch in Europe and North America in early 2016 and an alpha test is expected to begin soon. You can stay tuned to the game’s new teaser site for the latest updates.

  • Simone Agugliaro

    shelf , thanks -.-

  • milos ilic

    B2P sucks, shame you idiots

  • Nathaniel Bermudez

    Now a days, all these nerds want free stuff.

    • Jack Hunter

      So you saying that as a nerd, or someone with too low of an IQ to be a nerd? Getting ready some pb here for your jelly.

  • Grenther

    Wow what a hate in here.
    B2p is a great model. Here’s why:
    Free to play often (not always) results in pay2win. Has a lot more little kids, trolls, goldsellers and so on. A lot of the time content is locked off or something. And it’s always pushing you spend money on this game…
    Subscription (p2p) is just outdated, it also results in slowing down the game, think like the flying taxis and stuff you have to take in wow and swtor and the slow movement
    B2P allows you to pay for the game thus filtering out a lot (sadly not all but about the same as p2p) of the little kids and goldsellers, it doesn’t slow down the game as p2p does and it wont push you to spend money either by p2w or locking content. It allows yoi to come back to the game any time you like and if you like the game yoi can buy cosmetics and things like character slots to further support the devs. Look at gw2 (yeah they went f2p but b2p is still their core model and there’s reasons why they don’t fail the f2p but that’d make this too long), gw2 is great it’s b2p it has quick gameplay, so yeah I spend money on it in the store to get some extra stuff, and the stuff in there isn’t at all p2w.

    • Jack Hunter

      B2P is not a problem. B2P WITH CASHSHOP is the problem. Its one thing changing extra every 3-6 months for fully featured expansion. Entire thing entirely when they destroy in-game economy by selling farmable in-game resources for cash.

  • Simone Agugliaro

    i want try the game for one week for example without pay , to see if my system can run this game

    • Grenther

      well yo ucan just look up required specs, just like for any other game. Also games on pc are quite scaleable, and if you keep your system a little bit up to date you can run almost everything nowadays.

      • Simone Agugliaro

        i don’t have trust in required specs especially for mmo game

    • Sara Almeida

      You don’t need a week to see whether or not your machine can handle it… And you SHOULD trust the system requirements set by the developers because 1) they’re the ones who built the game and 2) they’re well aware of its multiplayer nature and that MMO requisites are different from ordinary, single-player games.

  • Jack Hunter

    B2P sucks as a model with cash shop. Back when subs were $15 bandwidth and servers were at least triple of what they are today. Standard price for a new game should also be around 40. Instead, they rip people off. They charge up to 100 for game itself (like Guild Wars 2), then they want you to either grind like a full time job or spend additional 50 a month in cash shop. Greed is resulting in far lower server populations and games dying lot faster.

    • Kerrigan

      GW2 core game is f2p now. You pay if you want the expansion and some account limitations lifted but you’re capable of leveling to max and gearing in the best gear as an f2p with no real money involved.

    • Grenther

      ‘up to ($)100’ true, tho that’s like buying a collectors edition, you get all the content for around $45.
      Cashshop in gw2 isn’t pay2win, you’re not grinding more if you’re not spending real life money. Only cosmetic items in there and convenience items such as extra character slots.

    • Sara Almeida

      How about you getting your information right before hating on something? The standard version of GW2 costs you 45 bucks/euros and it comes with the core game + expansion. Only the special editions cost up to 100 and you don’t have to buy those to enjoy the game to the fullest.

      Second, who the hell told you that you have to grind several hours a day or spend 50 bucks in the game in order to enjoy the game or get any sort of progress? I know people who grind SilverWastes for hours, everyday, but that’s because they WANT to and not because you HAVE to. Its one of the best methods to make gold, sure, but again you’re not forced to do it.

      As for the cash shop, I can tell from experience that its one of the fairest out there (and a lot of people I’ve seen are on the same boat). It only sells cosmetics and convenience items like Cosmetic Kits, Outfits, Infinite Gathering Tools, Boosts (that don’t actually do sh!t for you… trust me). So really, where does spending 50 bucks in the cash shop are going to give you an edge over other players?

      If you’re going to complain about greed and cash shops, at least make sure you know which MMOs you’re talking about… because not all of them suck.

      • Jack Hunter

        Fuck off fanloser.

  • Viet Duong

    Let’s see what the price gonna be if it’s not too expensive then OK….Everything has it’s own value ^^

  • AkahioS

    is there game MMORPG like Granado Espada, similar one. please let me know

  • People who complain about B2P often spend the same amount of money that you’d need to “buy” the game on cash shops in F2P games.

    But I’m sure at some point BDO will become F2P because people will be moaning about it being B2P *shrugs*