ASTA Gift Key Giveaway

Posted on March 4, 2016  

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ASTA Giveaway
[ CLOSED ] ASTA’s long-awaited open beta has begun, and to celebrate, ZomaGames and WEBZEN have teamed up to give away 2000 gift codes for the fantasy MMORPG.

To get a gift key, just use the Godankey widget below:

How to redeem your code:
1. Go to
2. Log in with your account
3. Select the server you want to receive the item(s) on
4. Enter the Coupon Code (without hyphens)
5. Click Continue/OK
6. The item(s) will be delivered to the account¡¯s Shop Storage on the selected server (there is a guide on the shop / shop storage available as part of our FAQs here:

After redeeming the coupon, players will have 365 days to transfer the items to a character.
Please note that you should create a character before redeeming coupon codes!

* Usable until: June 30th
* Coupon codes can only be used with an existing WEBZEN account
* Coupon codes are limited to one use per account

? Pocket of 20 Soul Stones – Contains 20 Soul Stones
? Arita’s Blessing (1 Hour) – Can be consumed to recieve a 1-hour EXP boost
? Urma’s Blessing (1 Hour) – Can be consumed to recieve a 1-hour Gold boost
? Noble Stone – Can be consumed to receive 5 Stat enhancement points
? Noble Soul – Can be consumed to receive 10 divine spirit summoning points
? Elixir of Dowa – Can be used to reset your character’s stat points
? River of Three Crossings Water – Can be used to reset your character’s talent points
? Fairy Gift – A random box containing mildly useful items

  • LAMBDA471

    It’s an awesome game and the rewards that come from this are totally worth it.

  • FizzyMyNizzy

    Damn boiii!!!!!!

  • Moster Fresby

    Actually this game is complete trash. The idiot below wouldn’t have a clue because he is most likely a little kid with zero experience in mmo’s. The devs actually had the balls to call this the “asian Wow.” Rofl… Many people got max level 50 in 1-2 days by just following quests. Once you hit lvl 50 you won’t be able to do any very hard dungeons unless you PAY TO WIN. You won’t be able to complete any raids unless you PAY TO WIN. The opposing faction on the light side is run by a guy who makes 200k a year at microsoft and has no life, so good luck beating guild KoS. Trust me you won’t. So if you join the dark side faction you literally will beat the pve in a week max and then never make it past lvl 50 non set yellow gear. Have fucking fun.

  • Alice Popescu

    Request here : U will get codes as there are over 7K codes .