ArcheAge Launches September 16

Posted August 30, 2014  

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ArcheAge Launches September 16

Open beta starts next week.

Sandbox MMORPG ArcheAge will officially launch on September 16, Trion Worlds and XL Games have announced.

The game’s open beta starts on Thursday, September 4 at 10 AM PDT and run until Monday, September 8 at 10 AM PDT. A head start period for Founders, players who bought a founder’s pack, begins on September 12 at 10 AM PDT.

Check out the full announcement for more details.

  • Lex

    ARCHEAGE had the worst possible release i witnessed to, and Trion as its EU publisher treats its customers like sheep.

    Archeage for now, utterly unviable for play game, even if you somehow
    log on, you san still get error on launcher ,even if you dont, you can
    still get error in cinematic/menu, even if you dont, you must wait for
    queue for 1-8hours, even if you wait, they might just disconnect you and
    back into the loop you go.

    Not to speak about ridiculous amounts of bots, hacking, instability and poorly consieved labor game system.

  • Cronos

    I completely disagree to be honest, I played a bit in the closed beta, and joined the game the minute headstart was out, personally I love the game. Yes the game servers are a bit unstable, so you may get kicked here and there, and the queues are ridiculous. However there are no hackers, with the latest patch bots are much less of a problem, and the labor system is fantastic. It sounds like you enjoy Pay to Win games, but the labor system makes it so people that want to craft want to pay monthly, however everyone else can fully enjoy the rest of the game without paying a cent. Secondly, the game itself has hardly any bugs, once you’re in game, you’re set, not to mention the environments are beautiful, and the creature variety and designs are the best I’ve seen in the hundreds of mmorpgs I’ve played. I’m just about to reach max level, and I’ve enjoyed it all. I would for sure say the game is worth the monthly price though, crafting between questing makes the game so much nicer.

  • scapes

    Empty servers and a swathe of pissed off with Trino customers leaving in their droves – never again Trion